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Our job is to get you to your destinations safe and sound and we're good at it. All you have to do is party hard once you arrive and we will ensure you have the time of your life.

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Stag Weekends

If you’re the man in charge of booking your mate’s stag weekend, then congratulations - you’ve come to the best place! Infinity stag weekends guarantee the most ultimate experience for stag parties and no matter where you decide to go, it will be the most awesome event you will ever have in your life! We pride ourselves in creating the most memorable and unique experiences for you and your friends, making certain that your stag weekend is planned down to every last detail, so you can get it booked and then relax.

Infinity stag weekends are one of the leading stag and hen party organisers, looking after all our guests in some of the top destinations all over the world. We cover everything you need for a stag party and know that your weekend away should be a once in a lifetime experience that is brilliantly memorable for everyone involved! We don’t cut corners, in fact we bend over backwards to ensure that you and your group have everything you need. Whether that’s the perfect accommodation, a day crammed full of activities or some extra special entertainment for the evening. Long gone are the days when stags and their mates would drink themselves under the table at the local pub the night before the wedding. Nowadays it is true tradition to escape, catch a train or plane and disappear somewhere for a few days of non-stop celebrating and partying!

What do you want for your stag weekend? Is it somewhere warm on a beachside resort where you can eye up some tanned beauties while you sip on a cold beer considering life? Or is it an exciting party city in Europe or the UK where you can eye up some local talent while you sip on a cold beer considering life? All you need to do is work out where you want to go and what you want to do – and we’ll do the rest for you!

To Infinity and Beyond
We can arrange UK stag nights in almost every city location, so whether it’s Bristol, London, Manchester, Brighton or Newcastle (to name a select few), just decide the best place for some top-notch entertainment and give us your available dates. We can recommend trains or planes to get you there, and book the best suitable accommodation with your groups budget. This is where the serious fun begins - check out all the activities that you can take part in for your stag weekend and let us know what you would like to include on your weekend away. Don’t assume that everyone will want to relax and do nothing – this is a stag weekend! It’s all about making the most of it, having fun and packing in as many things as possible. It should be one of the best events of your mate’s life, which means you need to create lots of great memories (and photo opportunities!). There’s daytime activities that include water sports, buggy adventures, shooting, private boat trips, jeep day safari’s and masses more. The evening entertainment is also crammed full of exciting activities and events that guarantees some awesome fun like party buses, VIP entry into lap dance clubs, private stripper shows, double or lesbian strip shows and even dwarf stripper handcuffing! Wow – what a choice.

Fly to Infinity
Stag weekends abroad are becoming more popular as stags and their mates head off on a plane into the sunset to conquer foreign shores! We have perfected some of the best stag weekends in Spain, Ibiza, Tenerife, Amsterdam and Prague (there’s more!) and we have full access to all the best events and activities in every location. It’s cheaper for you to book directly through us, than decide to do something when you’re there, so it’s well worth checking through the list now. If you fancy jetting off to somewhere sunny and hot where you can chill on the beach and eye up the hotties, then there’s plenty of choice in places. If you’re more for city resorts and getting down and dirty with the locals, then all our city locations welcome stag and hen parties, also having some of the best evening entertainment and wide choice of activities that you could ever find. Stag weekends abroad are an opportunity for you and your friends to party hard, get away from it all, celebrate the last few days of freedom and challenge yourselves at 24-hour drinking abroad! We strongly recommend making the most of private transfer from the airport – book an ultra-special limousine full of cold beers that takes your group direct to the hotel. Save time on public transfers (or groups being split up) and avoiding stopping at every single hotel along the way - start the stag weekend in style with your very own private transfer!

The Team at Infinity
Infinity Weekends was launched over 10 years ago by Directors who had years of experience working in higher management with Thomas Cook. Since we began we have booked stag parties, hen parties and party weekends for over 150,000 people, many who have re-booked with us since their first fantastic experience! If you’re in charge of booking a stag party, we can reassure you that using Infinity guarantees a hassle-free experience. Don’t take risks where it could all go wrong, especially if you’re travelling overseas! Book with the experts who have decades of experience working in the travel industry. We know everything there is to know about arranging and coordinating groups, making certain that you have trust and confidence in us to provide the best experience possible. We don’t only cater for stag parties, we also arrange hen weekends and party weekends for groups, so there’s no need for an excuse to get away, if you want to book through us again!

The Infinite Details
Infinity help you to create the perfectly tailored stag weekend that will ensure you and your mates have the best experience ever. All you need to do is get in touch, tell us where you want to go and when, and select the activities which appeal to you! We can arrange your accommodation and will book all the activities for you. We will even give you our best suggestions for travel arrangements so that travel times coordinate. Don’t forget to also request your private transfers, to make certain your stag weekend starts off with a bang! Also, if you’re in charge of booking – make sure your stag get some extra-special VIP treatment from the ladies, it is his last few days of freedom after all! The fun starts now – choose your resort and all the exciting activities you can do for the best stag weekend ever.

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